1st Term Summing-Up Appeal

On 17th February fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students participated in an summing-up assembly. During that event School Principle Przemysław Anusiewicz handed in diplomas to students who received the best results in Alfik Matematyczny contest. They were Maciej Karabin, Mikołaj Taczalski and Maksym Mnich.

Since the beginning of the school year thirteen students have joined Caritas School Club. They are Zuzanna Bareja, Wiktoria Gotowicka, Natalia Korszeń, Magdalena Jabkowska, Aleks Kaliniak, Małgorzata Kołodziejak, Gabriela Kowalczyk, Wiktoria Kruk, Zofia Lichograj, Aleksandra Marciniak, Amelia Paczuska, Małgorzata Roman and Maciej Wyrębiak. They got their membership cards from the Principle. Together with other members of the club, they are going to face a considerable challenge. They are going to help with the long-term durability food collection. We encourage all students to share their food especially during Lent.